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Bio and Mission

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Athanata is a Swiss and French composer from Lausanne (Switzerland). Initiated to the piano at the age of 5, he decided to stop his lessons at 10, preferring to create than to interpret. He then discovered the world of hip hop and composed, alongside one of his brothers, his first tracks for local rappers.

Only a few years later, Athanata discovered his greatest musical fascination : film and documentary scores. Investing hundreds of hours in listening to his favorite composers and learning the art of creating full orchestral queues with virtual instruments, he developed a solid skill set and decided to start producing at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. He released his first album in 2021 : Fragments of Spririt.

After that, as a practitioner of disciplines such as sophrology or meditation, and as a reader/writer of philosophy besides his different jobs, he dedicated himself to ambient and relaxing music, composing tracks for cardiac coherence (coherent breathing) and meditation. For more information about these relaxation techniques, their beneficial effects on health and the support that music can provide in their practice, visit the Blog section.


Although Athanata regularly produces other types of pieces (notably orchestral and cinematic tracks, motivational music, hip hop beats), his goal today is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to regain control of their breathing and relax deeply, through high quality music and sounds. Hence the artist's slogan : "When Music Helps You Breathe."


Athanata also continues his work in producing inspiring music for content creators.

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