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Practicing Cardiac Coherence with Music to Enhance Relaxation

Updated: Mar 4

It's no secret that stress levels in the workplace or in the family environment can run high. We are bombarded with demands and expectations, and it can be difficult to find moments of peace. Thankfully, there is a way to help reduce stress through a technique called cardiac coherence (also called : coherent breathing or heart coherence). The practice is simple but effective, and when coupled with music, the results can be even more powerful! In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of cardiac coherence and how music can aid in this process.

What is cardiac coherence?

Cardiac coherence is a type of deep breathing that helps to activate your body’s natural relaxation response. It involves taking slow, deep breaths at regular intervals focusing on your breath as it enters and leaves your body (usually 5''/5'' inhalation and exhalation). This type of mindful activity helps to calm both your mind and body while providing numerous other daily life benefits such as improved focus and increased productivity.

The Benefits of Cardiac Coherence

Studies have shown that cardiac coherence has many positive effects on our body and mind. In particular, it allows you to find a balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. By equalizing your inhalation and exhalation times, you will feel a rapid improvement on your mental well-being and a reduction in your fatigue. It also encourages blood flow throughout the body which helps to reduce tension in muscles and improve overall energy levels. Additionally, the practice of conscious breathing helps us become aware of our own patterns so that we can better recognize when tension or stress start to build up in our body, before it escalates into something unmanageable.

How Music Can Help With Cardiac Coherence

Music has long been used as an accompaniment to meditation or relaxation practices due to its calming effects on both our mind and body (read also : The Benefits of Meditating with Music). When coupled with cardiac coherence exercises, music can help enhance these practices even further by providing a soothing background track that encourages us to keep our breath steady while being focused on the present moment. Research has also suggested that certain types of music can actually help regulate heart rate variability, which is beneficial for calming our nervous system during times of stress or anxiety. Furthermore, listening to music while practicing cardiac coherence may encourage us to to lengthen our breaths, which leads to deeper relaxation states than if we were simply focusing on our own breath without any external auditory cues from music.

A Fine Balance

Most of us try to maintain a balance between work or family commitments and personal needs for restorative moments. However finding time for relaxation amidst all hectic schedules may seem impossible at times! Fortunately, by incorporating activities such as cardiac coherence, in a soothing musical atmosphere, you could reap immense rewards physically and mentally – improving focus at work or with your loved ones while encouraging better sleep quality – all without having too much time dedicated solely for relaxation purposes! So, are you ready to take five minutes every day for your well-being? Then feel free to choose a cardiac coherence track from the ones I have created especially for you (click here to stream on the platform of your choice). It's free and you may be surprised by just how much better you feel afterwards!


Athanata is a Swiss and French composer. Starting out producing hip hop instrumentals for local rappers, he has later developed a passion for film and documentary soundtracks. Practicing himself relaxation techniques on a daily basis, he uses his compositions as a way to deepen them. His goal: to allow the listener to gently travel and deeply relax. His first solo album, Fragments of Spirit (2021), was followed by several tracks focusing on cardiac coherence/coherent breathing and meditation.

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